Meet the Team!

Danny Perez


I've been in the woods since I was about 7. I learned from my uncle and cousins on private property. In my teenage years I discovered my love for public land hunting. 

Favorite Season: Deer Season (Archery/Muzzleloader)

Favorite Game Meat: Midwestern Whitetails

Robbie Ruppenstein


Hey y'all, it's Robbie here. I am born and raised in South Florida, been hunting public land since I was just a kid with my dad. I’ve been at this hunting game for about 17 years, I hunt deer, turkey and ducks but I can’t really pin point a favorite because anything that gets me in the woods or the swamp makes me happy.
Favorite Season: Turkey

Favorite Game Meat: Wild Turkey

John Menor


I'm John, I've been hunting since I was about 13 with my brother and dad. I spend most of my time in the woods pursuing deer, but I also love to duck hunt.

Favorite Season: Duck Season

Favorite Game Meat: Elk

David Martin AKA Mug


What's up guys and gals, I'm David but people call me Mug. I am obsessed with hunting deer on public land, preferably with a bow. I love to find areas that nobody else wants to go to and trying to kill deer in the most rediculous setting possible. On most free days you can find me waist deep walking through a swamp looking for deer!

Favorite Season: Deer (Archery)

Favorite Game Meat: Big fatty wild sow hogs

Mark Barton


My name is Mark, I am the noob of the group. Been hunting for about 7 years, after growing up in Europe where hunting is basically illegal. I love the challenge of figuring out where to hunt and tranquility of a day in the tree. I am a teacher at heart, so I love to share what I know with new hunters.

Favorite Season: Whitetail Archery Season

Favorite Game Meat: Squirrel and Dumplings